Stacy Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott's Dad Defends Urban Meyer at Ohio State Rally

Stacy Elliott is far from shy. The father of Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott will defend his son no matter what and even believes Zeke is the greatest NFL player ever. He's also quick to defend Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer right now.

Standing outside Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Stacy Elliott became the unofficial spokesperson for a rally in support of Meyer keeping his job amid damning allegations the Buckeyes coach, who is currently on paid administrative leave, knew about domestic abuse involving former wide receivers coach Zach Smith and his ex-wife, Courtney Smith, in 2015.

"I love Urban Meyer," Elliott said. "He's a man of integrity. I know this."

After Meyer released a shoddy statement in his defense, an investigation into the situation has started. That didn't stop a few people, maybe 50, to gather at The Shoe and support Meyer, especially the outspoken Stacy Elliott.

"This is not the first time Ohio State has looked odd. This is not the first time," Stacy Elliott said. "Ezekiel Elliott looked on when he chose Ohio State over Missouri. If anybody really looks into this and are not haters of Ohio State and haters of Urban Meyer, they will see the actual facts.

"And all of those who know Urban Meyer need to stand up and be men and speak and defend what is right."

Oh, boy. This is not going to sit well with a lot of people.

There are a lot of unhappy people already, and Elliott coming to the defense of Meyer is only stoking the fire even more.

It's not just Elliott, although he flew to Ohio just for the rally. It's the small crowd who gathered at the stadium, too.

Signs of "Put Urban Meyer Back to Work Now" and "[ESPN analyst Paul] Finebaum's Words are Weaker than Alabama's Football Schedule!! Go Bucks" lined out the stadium. Chants of "Urban Meyer" rang out as the Buckeyes start fall camp this week.

Stacy Elliott even offered some advice for Meyer:

"Hang in there, Coach. Hang in there, Coach. There are many who love you, Coach. There are many who hate you."

It's hard to believe a small rally or the father of the running back who rushed for nearly 4,000 yards with 43 rushing touchdowns is going to impact the investigation or decision.

What it shows is Meyer has some supportive people in his camp at all times.

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