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CFP Madness: What if Every Single Underdog Won Its Title Game?

There are times to watch crazy games, and then there are times to play them. This is most certainly the latter. What's about to unfold here is pure College Football Playoff madness based solely on what would happen if every single underdog won its title game this weekend. It's safe to say things would get really interesting in a hurry.

If Rivalry Week was the ultimate appetizer platter, then Championship Week is about to be an insane five-course meal that could completely alter the current CFP outlook. It's an unlikely scenario, sure, but hey, anything can happen so everyone might as well be prepared for it.

With all due respect to the MAC, Pac-12, Sun Belt and Mountain West title games, the focus is only on the teams in the hunt for a coveted CFP berth this season — That means the Big 12, AAC, SEC, ACC and Big Ten all take center stage for this.

As it stands right now, Notre Dame looks to be the only absolute "lock" for the College Football Playoff with a perfect 12-0 mark. The Fighting Irish are really just waiting to find out their seed at this point.

Here's how it all would shake out if the underdogs won on Saturday, though:

— Georgia (+13) would upset Alabama in the SEC Championship.

— Pittsburgh (+25.5) upsets Clemson in the ACC Championship.

— Texas (+7.5) knocks off Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship.

— Northwestern (+14) would upset Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship

— Memphis (+3.5) takes care of UCF in the AAC Championship.

So now what? That's a great question.

No team has ever had multiple losses and still made the CFP, so Pittsburgh, Texas, Northwestern and Memphis would all be out, as would Oklahoma and Ohio State under this scenario.

That leaves Georgia, Alabama, Clemson and UCF all battling for the final three spots to join Notre Dame in the four-team playoff.

However, despite its impressive win streak and confident fan base, the UCF Knights would absolutely be out. Losing to Memphis would not be a great final impression, and the team's stock has dropped significantly with the unfortunate injury to quarterback McKenzie Milton.

But while the four teams in — Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Notre Dame — wouldn't be overly surprising, how they would be seeded is and it's a nightmare scenario for the committee.

The logical move would be this:

No. 1 Notre Dame vs. No. 4 Clemson

No. 2 Georgia vs. No. 3 Alabama

But do the Fighting Irish really deserve the top seed since they didn't have to play a conference title game? Does anyone really want to see Georgia and Alabama play a rematch in the semifinals? Both of those answers could be no.

Let's say the Bulldogs handle the Crimson Tide here. Would that be enough for the committee to have them jump Notre Dame to No. 1 overall? That answer could be yes. The loss at LSU definitely isn't a bad one, and Georgia would have just beat the best team in the country.

There's also the whole matchup and ratings factor that undoubtedly comes into play.

So here is how things should actually look if every underdog won a title game:

No. 1 Georgia vs. No. 4 Clemson

No. 2 Notre Dame vs. No. 3 Alabama

This would be a fun College Football Playoff, but no matter how crazy things could get during Championship Week, all signs still point to Alabama and Clemson meeting again for a national title, which is exactly what the college football world predicted at the start of the season.

Nevertheless, it's always fun to explore chaos and watching every single underdog pull off the upset would be just that.

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