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Fans love to debate the AP Top 25 rankings every week, especially when you attend the University of Central Florida. Week after week, teams stake their claim to climb the various polls. Honestly, it’s all dispensable voting at this point until the final few weeks of the season, but isn’t it so much fun to stir the pot?

Schools like Wisconsin, Georgia and Clemson are in contention for the national title this season, but they’re all staring up at the kings of college football. The Alabama Crimson Tide are the preseason No. 1 yet again heading into an electric opening weekend, but they happen to top another list that might be most important of all.

The Wall Street Journal conducted a nationwide survey of 1,015 sports fans to find out what college football program was the most hated in the country. There are plenty to choose from, but only one can be crowned “Most Hated.”

The research firm Lightspeed collected the results, and they’ve revealed one overarching truth: everybody’s sick of Alabama.

The top 62-percent of the vote landed among nine historic programs, each possessing a quality even more annoying than the next. They’ve all been playing football since pre-1900, so there are plenty of reasons to show disdain for all them.

Here are the most hated college football teams, and some reasons why we despise them:

Alabama Crimson Tide: From recruiting to national championships to tug-of-war competitions, they just keep winning everything in sight.

Ohio State Buckeyes: The Urban Meyer/Zach Smith debacle, plus Brutus the Buckeye is the most ridiculous mascot in all the land. I mean, it’s a nut with a face on it.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: They haven’t been relevant since Sean Astin starred as Rudy Ruettiger in that 1993 movie, yet they act like because they have Touchdown Jesus they’re somehow special.

Penn State Nittany Lions: They hide in their little football town in the middle of central Pennsylvania, but 80-percent of the population couldn’t tell you one thing that’s 20 miles outside the city limits.

Michigan Wolverines: They have one national title since 1949 and act like because they have cool helmets, that makes them important. Plus, everybody hates Jim Harbaugh and his khakis.

USC Trojans: The pretty boys of the West Coast still won’t move on from Pete Carroll’s team in the 2000s. Go back to surfing, bros.

Texas Longhorns: Just because they carry the state’s name doesn’t make them important. The 1970s called, and they want their dynasty back.

Oklahoma Sooners: Baker Mayfield.

Nebraska Cornhuskers: Aside from those four years in the 1990s, what else have they done? Stop acting like you’re “on the rise” once again.

Teams like the Florida Gators won’t stop referencing Tim Tebow and the Auburn Tigers are just Alabama’s kid brother, but both were left off the list. You can guarantee that both are definitely receiving more than a few votes, though.

Who did the Wall Street Journal’s list miss? More importantly, who do YOU hate most in college football?

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