Oregon Ducks Uniforms

No Pac-12 Team Will Ever Touch Oregon’s Fire Uniforms

When it comes to college football uniforms, it's scary how one team is so far and away better than every other school in the country. It's really not even remotely close, either. LSU, Texas and Michigan might have the best in their respective conferences, but absolutely nobody is touching the fire the Oregon Ducks bring to the gridiron every single week.

There is no need for suspense here. When Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike, is an alum, you know the uniforms are going to be next level. Add in the fact the Ducks are a consistent Top 25 program and you have the recipe for unanimous approval.

Even the coaches are decked out in the latest swag.

What about other Pac-12 Conference teams? Where do they stand in the uniform pecking order?

Although none will come close to Oregon, here are some other superlative for the league:

The Classic: Southern California

If you are in love with traditional uniforms and don't like some crazy combinations every week, some might argue these are the best. The Trojans have always donned these classics and have built a national powerhouse program with them for decades. This is no consolation. These are iconic and deserve tons of praise and recognition.

The Brand New: Arizona State

Call these brand new if you want, but really, they are just different. No longer is Arizona State written across the chest. It's a lot cleaner, so let's just call it an improvement and move on.

The Strange: Oregon State

When your in-state rival is Oregon, you have to step up the uniform game. The Beavers luckily have orange and black to work with, which helps, but sometimes it becomes a little crazy like the picture above. The white and orange-striped sleeves are just a bit much.

The Worst: Washington State

Switch this with Oregon State if you want. It really doesn't matter at this point. However, the Cougars get the call to the bottom here for their colors more than their actual uniforms. There is nothing wrong with pretty simple, to-the-point jerseys. The colors, and the combinations Washington State uses, leaves a lot to be desired here.

The Best: Oregon

Well, if the opening didn't give it away, here it is. The Ducks have rocked some amazing uniforms over the years and the new ones for 2018 are once again on a level of their own. Just take a look at these and try to hate. Frankly, you can't.

Of all of the teams featured in this entire uniform series, picking Oregon here was the easiest decision by a few miles.

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