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Softball Pitcher Embarrasses Football Team, Then the Punter Does the Unthinkable

It's no secret that hitting a softball is a lot harder than it looks. Not just for actual softball players, but for anyone who dares pick up the stick.

Football players seem to be the most eager to step into the batter's box against underhanded hurlers. We've seen these pitchers time and time again make a mockery of them. If your fan is ever broken, just ask a softball pitcher to throw against a football player.

The latest in line of football daredevils hail from San Jose State University, where several gridiron stars tried to subvert the age-old cliche against the school's softball team.

San Jose State Football vs. Softball


What happens when you put football players at the plate v. softball pitchers?? watch until the end? #MicroRaveWithRoni #collegefootball #college

? original sound - San José State Football

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The football team heads over to the softball diamond to square off against their toughest preseason opponent yet: the San Jose State Spartans softball team. Little do they know, they are in for a joyless ride. Well, most of them at least.

The football players are calm. How hard can it be to hit a softball, really?

The softball pitcher is throwing straight gas to every football player she sees. The first guy strikes out. Then the second guy strikes out. Then the third guy. To his credit, he made contact on a foul tip. It was the first time someone made contact to the point in the video. The next guy goes down on three quick pitches.

Things start to get interesting when the fifth batter, punter Travis Benham, walks up to the plate. Unlike the previous four, Benham looks like he's actually picked up a baseball bat before. He confidently gets settled in the batter's box, waits for the pitch and crushes it out of the ballpark. The rest of the football team goes crazy and swarms him as he circles the bases. Someone can actually make clean contact? What is this sorcery?

Although Benham sent the ball to the moon, it still shows how incredibly difficult it is to hit a softball. It's even more difficult when you have potentially never swung a bat in your life. The numbers are still in the pitcher's favor. The severity of the strikeouts were nasty, but Benham showed us the impossible is in fact possible.

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