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Alabama's 19-Foot Elephant Statue is Tuscaloosa's Newest Attraction


Generally speaking, Alabama Crimson Tide fans have a lot to be happy about.

The football team is a near-lock to make the College Football Playoff every year, and the Tide can certainly win the national championship (again) in 2021.

Nick Saban has undoubtedly built one of the greatest dynasties in modern college football history. With the incredible facilities, coaching, and the potential for players to reach the NFL, it doesn't look like Alabama's reign is stopping anytime soon, either.

While much of the attention is focused on the players who move to Tuscaloosa, there is another object that moved to a new home.


In April 2021, a seven-ton, 19-foot elephant statue was placed near Bryant Denny-Stadium.

Alabama's New Elephant Statue

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The statue is named "Tuska," and it was given to the University of Alabama by the Westervelt Co. along with a gift from Will and Mary Battle.


In a detailed profile on, moving the statue from the North River Yacht Club cost $415,000. Installation was done by local company McAbee Construction and the work of art is located on the corner of University Boulevard and Wallace Wade Avenue.

English artist Terry Mathews designed the structure in 2000. After two decades at the Yacht Club, it made its move to the Alabama campus.

Though there were some delays, Tuska Plaza was opened just in time for A-Day, Alabama football's annual spring game.

The history of Bama and elephants is quite an interesting one, and now there will be a new embodiment of the school's mascot. The landscaping around the statue is still being worked on.


Once the job is complete, "Tuska" will be yet another thing Bama fans can enjoy. Get ready for countless selfies in front of the statue once the games begin this fall.

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