ESPN analyst weighs in on Hugh Freeze-to-Alabama rumors


Rumor began to swirl about a potential return to coaching for Hugh Freeze as he has reportedly spoken to Nick Saban about potentially coaching with Alabama. The potential position remains unclear as of now, should he even join the team. That has led to everyone giving their two cents on the subject, including SEC Network and former LSU star Booger McFarland.

He then quote tweeted the original quote from his time on Finebaum's show with this:

He does make a good point that coaches have still gotten good jobs despite major screw ups. Freeze's might be considered on another level though as he was caught with burner phones and that he had been contacting an escort service on a school-issued phone.

However, he has shown himself to be a more than capable offensive mind on the football field and that might be enough to get him a job. Saban has also shown a propensity for taking in some coaches in need of image rehabilitation like Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian.


Kiffin was coming off a stint at USC that saw him fired hours after a game and left in an airport. Sarkisian was dealing with serious alcoholism issues and had to check into rehab, but joined Alabama's staff in 2016 and then got the job of offensive coordinator for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons the very next season.