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Is Joel Klatt Pushing the Big 12's Agenda with This Misleading Heisman Claim?

FOX Sports' college football commentator Joel Klatt made a bold statement on Twitter a few days ago when he claimed that Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray leads the Heisman race over Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Problem is that, based on every single Heisman poll, that's an incorrect statement. Klatt tried to clean up his statement by saying he was talking about stats between the two quarterbacks, which Murray definitely leads, but is Klatt pushing an agenda here?

Heading into the final week of the regular season, Murray has completed 70.3-percent of his throws for 3,310 passing yards, plus another 739 rushing yards, and 44 total touchdowns leading his team to a 10-1 record.

Tagovailoa, leading the undefeated No. 1 Crimson Tide, has amassed 2,865 passing yards, 35 total touchdowns and has only two interceptions compared to Murray's six picks.

Keep in mind that this time last year, Klatt and his FOX Sports buddies were pushing another agenda — they were busy trying to get the Ohio State Buckets into the CFP. FOX is not above agenda pushing on any level, and that includes sports.

Despite Ohio State being stomped by the Iowa Hawkeyes during the regular season and then struggling against Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game last year, Klatt and crew pushed very hard to have the Buckeyes in the playoffs over Alabama.

So, you have to wonder what he is doing this time? All the Heisman polls indicate that Tagovailoa still leads Murray and unless there is a major change in the next few weeks, Tagovailoa will in all likelihood be Alabama's third Heisman winner under Nick Saban and the first quarterback in Alabama history to win the award.

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But despite that, Tagovailoa hasn't had his Heisman moment yet, like Desmond Howard and the "Heisman pose," or Derrick Henry's last minute touchdown against Auburn to keep his touchdown streak alive. Some say his Heisman moment came against LSU when he ran for a 44-yard touchdown on a bad knee to seal the victory for Alabama.

Former Alabama quarterback Jay Barker had something to say about those still looking for Tua's "Heisman Moment."

Joel Klatt and others may try to influence the outcome of the Heisman, but more than likely, it won't matter. It is Tua's to lose and unless he flat out plays bad against Auburn and Georgia, we are all probably looking at Alabama's newest Heisman winner.

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