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Nick Saban's Story About Miss Terry's Ex-Boyfriend is Pure Comedy

Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban wasn't always the desirable winner he is today.

Win or lose, he's always had his wife Miss Terry by his side. Or so we thought. Long before Terry Saban was making her national championship-winning husband run for tirades or blasting The Rolling Stones after road wins, she was the pretty girl who gave Nick the cold shoulder growing up in West Virginia.

Saban told a hilarious story about their history that included some clear disdain for some guy named Mickey Schaffer, who first stole Miss Terry's heart.

Nick Saban's Story About Miss Terry's Ex-Boyfriend

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Speaking to a crowd at an event run by the American Football Coaches Association, the seven-time champ and legendary head coach told the petty story of Saban got revenge on his wife's ex-boyfriend.

Saban talked about how he worked at his dad's service station, where he would change tires, check oil, and more.

He was in seventh grade when he began trying to date a girl named Terry Constable who he called the "queen bee." The issue? She had a boyfriend named Mickey Schaffer for the longest time.

"I just could not get a date. Here I am a country bumpkin pumping gas every day," he said.

Finally, Terry gave the poor schmuck a chance after she and Mickey broke up after six years. She dated Nick while he played college football at Kent State and she was teaching in West Virginia.

Years later, when it was time for a high school reunion, Nick Saban couldn't pass up the chance to show his wife that she picked the right guy. Mickey went on to own a service station.

"I'm not going to miss the opportunity to do a drive-by just to make sure she kind of knows how she picked," he said.

"We drive by Mickey Schaffer's service station. I said, 'see there honey, there's your boy Mickey Schaffer.' I said, 'if you'd have married him, that's where you'd be now.'"

Then, Miss Terry hit him with a savage line.

"She said, 'bullshit. If I would've married him he'd be the head coach at Alabama now.'"

Heck yeah, Miss Terry.

Everyone knows Nick wouldn't be where he is in Tuscaloosa without his strong woman by his side. Keep on putting him in his place.

This article was originally published on April 14, 2021. We brought it back as 'Bama and play the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game.

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