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Why Dabo Swinney Would Accept the Alabama Job When Nick Saban Retires

Clemson Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney just did something that no other coach has done to Nick Saban since he has been with the Alabama Crimson Tide: Beat him by more than two touchdowns.

Sure, the Tide have suffered a handful of double-digit losses with Saban at the helm, but they've never lost by more than 14 points. That's until Monday night, when Clemson took it to Alabama, 44-16, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California to win the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship.

With the commanding victory, Swinney and Tigers put Alabama on notice that they are here to stay. It also may have put Crimson Tide officials on notice that if and when Saban retires, Swinney might be a perfect fit at his alma mater in Tuscaloosa.

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The people who think Swinney would never leave Clemson are the same people who thought Jim Harbaugh would never leave the NFL for Michigan. Mama might be calling home soon, and here are five reasons why Swinney would accept the Alabama job if he got the offer:

1. To Build His Own Legacy

Yes, Dabo Swinney is building a nice legacy at Clemson, but if he wins back home at his alma mater in Alabama, his legend and legacy would only grow. I find it hard to believe he wouldn't want to do that with the Crimson Tide.

2. To Outdo Nick Saban

What better way to prove your worth than to outdo the previous coach, who happens to be the legendary Nick Saban? You can't tell me that Dabo Swinney wouldn't enjoy sticking it to Nick Saban by breaking all of his records. Swinney is young enough that if he does replace Saban, he would have a chance to outdo him.

3. Swinney is an Alabama Guy

If you don't think that matters, you would be wrong. Dabo Swinney loves Alabama so much that after he lost to Syracuse last year, he flew into Tuscaloosa to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the Tide's national championship victory over Miami in the 1993 Sugar Bowl. You can tell being honored before the game meant something to him and if he were to actually be offered that job, he'd crawl to Tuscaloosa for it.

4. It's Alabama

Despite its loss, Alabama is still the mecca of college football. As good as Clemson has been over the years, its success pales in comparison to Alabama. More than likely when Saban goes, he will leave the program in the best shape it has ever been, which should make it easier for Swinney to step in and take over. Unlike when Ray Perkins stepped into Bear Bryant's shoes, Swinney would be in much a better situation.

5. He Still Has Family in Alabama

The biggest factor in all of this may be family. Swinney still goes home to Pelham, Alabama, a suburb outside of Birmingham, to see his family. Coming home and being closer to his family might be the main reason why Dabo Swinney would take the Alabama job once Nick Saban retires.

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