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Florida Mascot Saves Boy From Foul Ball With His Head


Mascots are the unheralded superheroes of our favorite college teams. Who else can drive the Internet wild by busting a move like Oregon's Puddles the Duck or BYU's Comso the Cougar? When they're not eating the cheerleaders (bad boy!) sometimes you'll find them even breaking up touchdowns on the field.

There's a reason Florida Gators mascot Albert (and Alberta) are beloved in Gainesville. Everyone's favorite swamp monsters are always looking out for the orange and blue fans. At a baseball game back in 2017 at Alfred A. McKethan Stadium, Albert saved a young boy from a foul ball.

He quite literally used his head.

Florida Mascot Saves Boy From Foul Ball


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The Gators baseball team beat North Florida, 2-1, that day but the best play of the game came from Albert in the bleachers.

Donning a white jersey and a blue cap, Albert hovered over a young boy next to him to protect him from a foul ball in the fourth inning. The ball drilled Albert in the head, but the job was done. The young fan was safe.

Taking a foul baseball off the dome must have hurt Albert's scales, because he fell back as if he had been shot. The boy beside him then had the perfect reaction. He got up and began performing CPR on Albert to bring his reptilian hero back to life.


The chest compressions worked. Albert posted a photo to Twitter holding a sign that read, "I'm glad they're SOFTballs" despite the fact that he was at a baseball game. He also had an adorable bandage on his snout. Poor Albert.

Albert has taken a lot of hits throughout the years. Alabama's Big Al once beat the snot out of him. He's even wrestled Steve Irwin for an ESPN commercial. At least with the foul ball he was able to save someone in the process.

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