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Percy Harvin's 80-Yard TD Run Made South Carolina Look Like Slo-Mo

Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin was fast. The type of fast that made other fast guys look slow. We're talking blazing speed.

Harvin put his giddy-up on display throughout his college football career in Gainesville, and he's one of the most underrated players in history because of it.

There's one play against the South Carolina Gamecocks in 2008 that stands out from the rest due to the sheer effortlessness.

Percy Harvin's 80-Yard TD Run vs. South Carolina

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The Florida Gators were in complete control of the SEC East matchup with a 28-3 lead to start the third quarter. Urban Meyer's offense got the ball at their own 20-yard line. He's looking to set the tone for the second half.

The UF head coach calls the patented counter play that Harvin toasted so many defenses on. Heisman-winning quarterback Tim Tebow motions Harvin from the slot into the backfield. He snaps the ball and hands it off.

Harvin bursts through a wide open hole created by the offensive line down the seam. South Carolina players attempt to get their hands on him to no avail. He splits the USC defense's last hope and scoots into the end zone for six. "The Swamp" went bonkers.

Harvin's touchdown put the nail in the coffin of an already out-of-hand game. It was his second rushing touchdown of the game.

The Gators pulled out the not-so-much-of-a-nail-biter by a score of 56-6. Harvin, who was technically a wide receiver, finished the day with eight carries for 167 rushing yards. Those numbers are straight out of the NCAA Football video game.

The play is tied for the ninth-longest rushing play in Florida football history. If we're talking miles per hour, I would have to think it's the fastest.

Florida dropped its fourth game of the season to Ole Miss that sparked he famous Tim Tebow promise speech. From there, the team went on a tear through Arkansas, LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, The Citadel, Florida State, Alabama and Oklahoma to claim the BCS National Championship.

Some might say that Harvin's huge run was symbolic of Florida's rebound. He went unscathed all the way to the house.

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