Joel Klatt

SEC Hater Joel Klatt Takes a Cheap Shot at Georgia After Sugar Bowl Loss


Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to the SEC. He wasn't sold on the league at the beginning of the season and was far from shy about this year's Heisman Trophy race. In many ways, Klatt could be called an SEC hater.

So after Uga met Bevo and the Georgia Bulldogs lost to the Texas Longhorns, 28-21, in the 2019 Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, Klatt went back on social media to let the world know his take on head coach Kirby Smart's team.

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Klatt definitely didn't say anything wrong here. The Longhorns were the more physical team on Tuesday night. There's no debating it after watching quarterback Sam Ehlinger rack up over 230 total yards and three rushing touchdowns.


But is this really Georgia's reality?

-- 11 wins is fantastic

-- You lost to the 3 best teams you faced

-- Tougher on Twitter than you were in the Sugar Bowl

Nobody is going to argue the first point. An 11-3 season is damn good. Any program in the country would take that year after year.

The second point is also valid, but might be entirely accurate. LSU, Alabama and Texas are really good football teams, for sure, and there is no shame in losing to them. Florida and Kentucky probably have something to say about that, though.

The third point, well, there's the shot. It's kind of hard to argue that because Texas clearly looked like the better, more motivated team. It's just fitting that would be inserted in trying to define the Bulldog program's reality.


Was it accurate? Yes. Was it necessary? Probably not. Did it get fans riled up? You better believe it.

Joel Klatt isn't wrong here. He's just out to speak the truth, even if it means taking more shots at strong SEC teams.

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