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Derrius Guice's Massive Hit on a Kicker Was Just Mean


Kickers aren't usually built to make tackles (unless they weigh 260 pounds), and back in 2016 at the Citrus Bowl, former LSU running back Derrius Guice showed the crowd at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida exactly why.

On a kickoff return in the second half against Louisville, Guice busted through and went up the sideline for a big return. To cap off that 50-yard return, Guice absolutely demolished the poor Louisville kicker, Blanton Creque.

Let's be honest here, Blanton. You never had a shot.

Derrius Guice Levels Louisville Kicker

And here's that hit from a field-level angle, where you can see (and hear) just how nasty of a collision that was:


Guice's hit was so forceful that the poor kicker got some hang-time in the air. And LSU fans thought Leonard Fournett was the only running back that could lay a truck like that.

Creque had to be checked on after the huge hit, and it was a sign of Louisville's overall performance against LSU. The Cardinals and Heisman winner Lamar Jackson were destroyed in a 29-9 rout.

Guice went on to play in the NFL, and hits like this one were a big reason why.

This post was originally published on December 31, 2016, but Guice's monster hit remains one of the best in LSU history.

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