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Leonard Fournette Bulldozed an Ole Miss Safety Into Earth’s Crust

Fournette looks ready to go!

Leonard Fournette's start to the 2015-16 season was plagued by an ankle injury, but nothing could hold the LSU running back down from completely bulldozing No. 23 ranked Ole Miss.

Fournette took down the single-game Tigers record for rushing, using just nine carries and only just over two quarters of game action to register a whopping 253 yards on the ground. And he wasn't content with that.

The back finished with 16 carries, 284 yards and three touchdowns. The LSU legend's most exciting play, however, was not a carry. It was a quick pass that Mr. Fournette used to completely put Ole Miss safety Deontay Anderson in the dirt. Somebody get a coffin.

Leonard Fournette Bulldozes Ole Miss DB

ESPN's Sports Science broke down the video and revealed that the force in which Fournette hit Anderson was equal to a Manny Pacquiao punch. You know what? I think I'd rather let Manny throw a right hook at me instead of standing in Fournette's way.

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