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Did Questionable Calls Taint Texas A&M's Historic 7-OT Victory?


Texas A&M and head coach Jimbo Fisher placed themselves in the history books after winning the highest-scoring game in college football history, 74-72 in seven overtimes, that tied the NCAA record against the LSU Tigers at Kyle Field in College Station. The Aggies had finally defeated LSU since joining the SEC.

It should be a great victory. Fisher had fans and alumni believing in his coaching philosophy, and quarterback Kellen Mond proved he's the right guy for the starting job, as he threw for 287 yards and six touchdowns, three two-point conversions and ran for one more score. This was awesome for Texas A&M football!

Sadly, there was one problem: Although the Aggies took care of business on the field, and the 12th Man was in full effect, it was the 13th Man -- the officials -- that made this all possible. Without the crucial game-saving calls or non-calls, the Aggies lose in regulation. LSU actually beat them a couple of times that Saturday night, but the Aggies got some home cooking and took advantage.


Here are some of the calls that were questionable:

1. The 4th-and-18 Spot

There was the whole "short on 4th-and-18" call that gave the Aggies a first down without reviewing it. If the referees call this correctly, the Tigers win in regulation. Instead, the game went into overtime.

2. An Illegal Formation 

There was also the illegal formation at the end of regulation. Many people on social media chimed in on it, but this one is debatable:

3. The spike at 0:00?

Fans thought Kellen Mond's spike to stop the clock came with no time on the clock. You be the judge...


4. The Catch and Fumble That Wasn't

Most people who saw this play could not believe that this was not called a fumble.

5. Pass interference?

The pass interference call on the two-point conversion in the seventh overtime. Greedy Williams played great defense and the ball sailed out of bounds, appearing to be uncatchable. It seemed like the referees were ready to go home at this point.


In addition, the personal foul afterwards was called with such fervor. The referee clearly knew what point of the game they were in and tempers were running high. The referees were clearly in their feelings about the Aggies winning.

These are just a few of the major calls that were missed. The officials also missed a blatant false start by Aggies star running back Trayveon Williams in overtime, and the play resulted in a first down.

The general consensus on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was that Texas A&M was bailed out several times during the game when they should have lost. However, at the end of the day, the Aggies officially got the win. The Aggies have to feel great about winning such a historic game, but it will forever be tainted with the blatantly one-sided officiating.

It puts a damper on all the great plays that Kellen Mond and his receivers made in overtime if you're outside of College Station. Either way, we'll take it.


This article was originally published on November 26, 2018.

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