Texas A&M just gave Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque before he’s even coached a game @Rotoworld_Draft/Twitter

Texas A&M is already declaring national titles, as it gave new head coach Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque without a date on it.

Read that over again. Not only because it is absurd, but due to the fact that it happens to be true. In a real world setting, in the year 2018, the Aggies gave their new head coach a fictitious future national title.

No pressure or anything, Jimbo.

Here is A&M’s chancellor doing the award giving:

Somehow, this is not exactly shocking in the world of college football. Nor is it all that surprising coming from that specific Texas A&M employee.

John Sharp, the aforementioned chancellor, said the following upon the hiring of Fisher about expectations.

“Nothing serious. Just want to win a national championship,” he said.

Texas A&M-Commerce head football coach Colby Carthe was given an actual earned plaque prior to Sharp giving his one to Fisher. The following exchange then took place because why not:

“The only difference between Colby’s and yours is you get to fill in the date,” Sharp told Fisher during the presentation

“I hope I fill in a couple,” Fisher responded with a laugh.

Long live the SEC!

(H/T The Eagle)

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