Jimbo Fisher National Championship Plaque
Screenshot from YouTube: The Texas A&M University System

Texas A&M Gave Jimbo Fisher a Blank National Championship Plaque

Texas A&M was already declaring national titles when it gave newly-appointed head coach Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque without a date on it.

Read that over again. Not only because it is absurd, but due to the fact that it happens to be true. In a real world setting, in the year 2018, the Aggies gave their new head coach a fictitious future national title.

No pressure or anything, Jimbo.

Here is A&M's chancellor doing the award giving:

Jimbo Fisher's Blank National Championship Plague

Somehow, this is not exactly shocking in the world of college football. Nor is it all that surprising coming from that specific Texas A&M employee.

John Sharp, the aforementioned chancellor, said the following upon the hiring of Fisher about expectations.

"Nothing serious. Just want to win a national championship," he said.

Texas A&M-Commerce head football coach Colby Carthe was given an actual earned plaque prior to Sharp giving his one to Fisher. The following exchange then took place because why not:

"The only difference between Colby's and yours is you get to fill in the date," Sharp told Fisher during the presentation

"I hope I fill in a couple," Fisher responded with a laugh.

We'll see how long it takes Fisher to carry the Aggies to prominence in the SEC.

This article was originally published February 28, 2018. To date, Fisher still hasn't filled in that championship plague's date.

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