The Texas A&M Aggies Entrance at Kyle Field
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Experience Texas A&M's One-of-a-Kind Kyle Field Entrance in this Go-Pro Video

There's nothing quite like catching a game at Kyle Field. The "Home of the 12th Man," this must-see and must-attend football stadium on Texas A&M University game days was built in 1904. That makes it not only the oldest stadium in college football but the fourth-largest by capacity (102,733) and largest in the state of Texas.

Kyle Field, located at the heart of Aggieland, directly in between Austin and Houston, has housed a number of memorable Texas A&M Aggies football games. It's where Brian Gamble recovered a late fumble in "The Bonfire Game." It's where the "red, white and blue-out" took place after the September 11 attacks in 2001. It's also where Johnny Manziel, Von Miller, Dat Nguyen and John David Crow became legends during one of College Station's many historic home games. Don't believe us? Just ask Jimbo Fisher.

The pride that comes with wearing the Texas A&M jersey is off-the-charts. Anyone who's ever played for the Aggies will tell you that. When you're wearing that uniform and the Aggie War Hymn hits your ears, there's nowhere else you'd rather be.

That's why running onto Kyle Field before a game is unlike anything in the SEC.

Aggies' Thrilling Entrance On Kyle Field

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Texas A&M put a GoPro camera on the helmet of one Aggie player and recorded the field entrance before the team's game against Lamar in 2014. It offers an awesome perspective of what it's like to go through the pre-game ritual, and the feeling of running onto a field in front of 100,00+ screaming fans.

Listening to the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band in the distance...

Swaying back and forth with your teammates...

Bursting onto Kyle Field in front of 100,00 screaming fans...

Man, this gets the blood pumping. Who else is ready to run through a brick wall?

With this kind of entrance, it doesn't matter if you're facing LSU, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miami, or Appalachian State. Any football team that has to face the team that just ran out like this, is in for a tough afternoon.

This post was originally published on June 5, 2020, but an experience like this is thrilling all the time.

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