College QB’s Kneeling Blunder Costs His Team Upset Win
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The University of Wisconsin-Platteville assumed victory formation before assuming the victory. Their goal was simple: wind down the clock until there’s a second left and kick the game-winning field goal. A win over the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Eagles, the No. 11 team in Division III college football, was in the palms of their hands.

It was ripped out from underneath them by a knee.

QB Costs Team Game By Taking Knee

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The UW-Platteville Pioneers were down 23-24 on their opponents’ 15-yard line with no timeouts left. First-and-10. We know the plan. Quarterback Colin Schuetz forgot it on the way up to the line of scrimmage.

Schuetz took the snap and kneeled with 10 seconds left. The clock ticks and ticks while the announcers lose their minds. Schuetz realizes his grave mistake with about three seconds left. By then, it’s too late. He attempts to line up the offense and spike it, but the clock had already struck zero before he could get the play off.

Somehow, some way, UW-La Crosse walked away with a miraculous victory.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “time and score” from coaches at all levels. Mainly, I hear it when my dad yells it at the TV but I assume most coaches are barking the same thing on the other side of the screen. Schuetz lost track at the absolute worst time.


The only plausible explanation is Scheutz drank the same water Chris Webber gulped down in the 1993 National Championship game. It takes away your ability to remember how many timeouts you have in crunch time. Andy Reid has been drinking it for years.

I can’t think of a bigger momentum swing. You go from being on the cusp of an upset only to lose because of something completely controllable. Pioneer fans had front row seats on the tallest emotional roller coaster in sports.


It’s painful to watch Schuetz not register his huge mistake before it’s too late. It’s evident how flustered he is after. UW-Platteville fans are bringing special “time and score” megaphones to every game from here on out.

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