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Zach Smith's Latest Twitter Attack on Tom Herman is Very Unnerving

Zach Smith loves going on unreal Twitter tirades. Oh, man, the former Ohio State assistant coach cannot stay away from it, no matter the situation. However, things got incredibly uncomfortable when he attacked Texas Longhorns head coach Tom Herman in a barrage of posts on Sunday.

This was not a random person Smith went after, either. Herman was the offensive coordinator at Ohio State from 2012-14 when Smith was the Buckeyes' wide receivers coach. The content is very personal, though, and it involves accusations that Herman has cheated on his wife, Michelle, on multiple occasions.

Some of the tweets contain explicit language:

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It seems like a very odd time for this to come out. Then again, the entire offseason scandal and investigation involving the OSU football program was that way from the start, so nothing should be overly surprising.

Texas might not be competing for a spot in the College Football Playoff, but attacking a 7-3 record after a big road at Texas Tech and calling it a "horrendously underperforming season" seems a bit odd.

So does tagging Tom Herman AND Michelle Herman in public tweets about potential infidelities.

It wasn't just those five tweets, either. It actually goes on and dives deeper into the situation, including Smith sharing a screenshot of texts with Herman and tagging reporter Brett McMurphy, who originally broke the domestic abuse allegation story that ultimately led to Smith's termination and Urban Meyer's suspension earlier this season.

There's obviously a lot of pent up anger here with stories that go back a few years ago, and Smith did not hold back in letting it out and telling everyone about Herman allegedly at an Asian massage parlor or accusations involving an "Iowa State recruiting girl."

Then, the real truth for the latest tirade came out. Apparently, or at least according to Smith, it was the Herman's who put his ex-wife, Courtney Smith, in touch with McMurphy for the story that stunned the college football world.

This was not about business at all. This was as personal as it gets involving a former coworker, especially on social media.

So nearly 20 tweets later, with most of them attacking the character of Texas head coach Tom Herman, everyone is left with more questions than answers.

It's very unnerving, too. All of it.

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