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Batter Utilizes Golf Caddie in Hysterical Walk Up


The Savannah Bananas are known for their shenanigans.

They wear kilts, they do choreographed dances, they let players introduce themselves before an at-bat. Needless to say, the Bananas are the greatest show on dirt.

How about on the fairway?

Infielder Josh Lavender wanted to test this theory. So, he brought in a golf caddie before an at-bat.


Batter Uses Caddie in Hilarious Walk Up

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Lavender walks up to the plate, only he's not holding a bat in his hand--he's holding a yardage book. His bat is in a golf bag carried by a caddie in full uniform. The opposing catcher is getting a kick out of it.

Lavender spends his time looking over the yardage book while the caddie pulls out a range finder. Based on my read of the course I think there's a fence out in the distance. It might be safer to lay up.


He initially listens to his caddie and goes with an iron. The feel isn't right. The wind is blowing out and he thinks he can clear the man-made obstacle. He trades his iron for the big boy, a black baseball bat. If Happy Gilmore can use a hockey stick to putt, I have zero issue using a bat to crank drives.

The golfer, eh, I mean baseball player, takes a few swings before tipping his cap at the camera. There's a man who respects the game.

On top of it all, Lavender used the Masters theme as his walk up song. I can envision my dad napping in the recliner on championship Sunday. I can hear Jim Nantz's voice narrating an epic collapse with Sir Nick Faldo chiming in with a whisper.


The Savannah Bananas making a show out of baseball: a tradition unlike any other.

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