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Batter Throws Bat At Pitcher After Getting Plunked


Baseball brawls are gifts that keep on giving. Watching two people duke it out over something probably very petty never gets old. There are times when they can turn violent, however, and one specific fight took things a little too far.

The stakes were high that night back in August 2013. It was more than just another college baseball summer league game. The Humboldt Crabs and California Warriors were in the Far West League playoffs and both teams were locked in to win a championship.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, all hell broke loose in the form of an errant pitch, a thrown bat, and a bench-clearing brawl.

WARNING: This video contains NSFW language.


Batter Throws Bat at Pitcher in Summer League

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The details of what happened in the baseball game before the bat-throwing tirade are unclear, but Humbolt catcher Sergio Sanchez had apparently seen, felt, and been through enough. He was plunked by the Warriors pitcher, which marked the 13th time he was hit that season, and was fed up.

Instead of walking to first base and giving the pitcher one of those evil death stares, Sanchez did the unthinkable. The hitter actually gave a full wind up, hurled his bat right back at the pitcher, and caused a summer league brawl for the ages.


Luckily, the sailed bat missed everyone, but both dugouts cleared in a hurry, and the incident was shared by College Baseball Daily before going viral.

As a result, both Sanchez and the pitcher were ejected, and Sanchez was suspended two games. The Humboldt Crabs won the game, 6-5, and went on to win the league championship.

This isn't the first time something outrageous has happened during competition. From the Little League World Series to the minor leagues to MLB and even the NFL, NBA, and NASCAR, fights happen all of the time.

It's just not common to see a batter actually throw his bat at a pitcher after he gets hit.


This post was originally published on April 30, 2020.

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