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Softball Shortstop’s “Diving Ricochet” Double Play Showed Incredible Awareness

Diving catches. Cannon throws. Master of the pop-up. Cut-off expert. Tagging aficionado.

Shortstops must wear many hats when they're playing the middle of the field. That's why they're often times the most athletic players on the field. Simply put, not many other positions can do what they can do.

FAU softball shortstop Emily Lochten knows that better than anyone, and her incredible "diving ricochet" double play is perfect evidence that it takes a great deal of skill, athleticism and awareness to play short.

Emily Lochten's Ricochet Catch & Diving Double Play


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The Florida Atlantic Owls were taking on the North Texas Mean Green in 2018.

However, the meanest play that took place was the one Lochten made to rob a hit and catch a North Texas runner in No Man's Land.

The Owls led 9-2 in the fourth inning. North Texas threatened with the bases loaded and just one out.

The Mean Green batter roped a line drive off the glove of FAU's third baseman. It ricocheted right into Lochten's glove for the out. Instead of being surprised and happy with just one out, she never stopped running to third base. She dove and tagged the bag just before the runner on third could dive back.

Awareness level: off the charts.

Most players probably don't even make the catch off the carom let alone full-on dive for the double play. As for the runner, she got caught thinking she had to go home once she saw the third baseman miss the liner. Unfortunately for her, Lochten was literally a step ahead of her.

The play went viral at the time and still collects applause on social media to this day.

The next time any guy says softball is easy, just show them Emily Lochten's incredible diving play that most of the male population would have no chance making.

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