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Tori Vidales' "Face Mask Foul Ball" Made College Station Laugh

Texas A&M's Tori Vidales was way ahead of everyone else on the face mask trend. Just not that face mask.

Foul balls can often be dangerous when they shoot into the unsuspecting crowds at high speeds. Everyone from the fans to the players in the dugouts to the base coaches have to be on their toes during an at-bat.

A TAMU softball player almost learned that a foul ball can pose a threat to her own face. Luckily, though, her face mask saved the day. How exactly that happened we'll never understand.

Tori Vidales Fouls Ball Into Face Mask

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During a game against Auburn in 2015, Texas A&M hitter Tori Vidales swung at a rise ball that worked its way in on her hands.

She tipped the ball straight into her face mask, where it was lodged until she was able to pull it out. Hey, her coach probably told her to see the ball. It looks like she might have taken that phrase a little too literally.

Vidales, stunned at what she just somehow accomplished, showed her teammates the ball in the mask and they all got a kick out of it. Even the announcers couldn't believe what she managed to do.

"Everyone on the field, in the stands, in the dugout laughing. I've never seen that," one announcer said while laughing.

One of the funniest parts of the clip is that Auburn's catcher had no clue where the ball went. She circles around in a confused manner until she realizes why everyone is cracking up.

Vidales was just a freshman when she hit the comedic foul ball. She finished her four-year career in College Station in 2018 as the school's record holder in runs (198), RBIs (219) and total bases (480). She also clobbered 65 home runs during her NCAA career.

Oh, and one hilarious foul tip.

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