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Dad Pranks Golfer By "Playing Dead" in His Back Yard

Everyone loves a good prank. When it comes to dads, everyone knows they're the kings of them.

In a video that's gone viral, one family's father can't help but play a cruel prank on golfers who hit terrible shots into his back yard. When one unsuspecting player walks up to find his ball, he finds what looks to be an unconscious guy lying face down in the grass.

Maybe pops was pissed no one yelled "fore!"

Dad Pranks Golfer in Back Yard

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Thanks to an Instagram video shared by a woman named Shelley (@thesheyshey), we now have the ultimate dad golf prank.

This dad here named Jason must have seen (or heard) an errant golf shot land in his yard. He decided he'd have some fun and fake like it hit him in the head and knocked him unconscious.

The golfer walks up and has no clue what to say or do. Should he call 9-1-1? Should he hop the fence, grab his ball and get the heck out of there before he gets sued?

The dad rubs his head a bit to really sell the Oscar-worthy acting performance. He eventually gets up and flips the confused man his golf ball.

Meanwhile, Jason's family can't stop cracking up while filming the entire ordeal.

I wonder how often this dad does this. Hopefully most of the golfers he pulls this prank on stop and make sure he's OK like this one did.

There's nothing better than a dad who doesn't take himself too seriously. We've seen a dad perform his daughter's cheer routine, embarrass his daughter on a baseball game jumbotron and even turn a gender reveal into an NFL tryout.

Keep on making your family laugh, Jason. The world needs more of this.

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