Dad Daughter NFL Combine
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Dad Tests Daughter with NFL Combine Workout During Quarantine

Surviving coronavirus quarantine means washing your hands and getting creative with your time. Some of us will pour through hours upon hours of Netflix shows. Others might resort to their elementary school days for some classic indoor recess games. One dad took things to a completely different level, mixing football with pure, parenting genius to keep his daughter entertained and go viral at the same time.

Vincent Grasso's day job is as an Offensive Quality Control coach for the Monmouth Hawks in New Jersey. The man knows college football, playing wide receiver at the FCS-level and totaling 1,053 yards of offense while scoring six touchdowns. As a coach, passing down his knowledge to the next generation is the goal, but I don't think he expected to have his daughter preparing for the NFL Scouting Combine so soon.

In a video originally posted on TikTok, Grasso puts his daughter through the most hilarious combine workout you'll ever see. Height and weight dimensions came first, followed by hand size, wing span, vertical jump, broad jump, couch pillow shuttle, and the 10-yard sprint.

Somebody get her a scholarship.

Dad Puts Daughter Through NFL Combine Drills

Over 1.5 million people have seen the video on Twitter alone, but this can't-miss highlight reel has been shared across numerous platforms, including CBS Sports and Barstool Sports.

Grasso even updated everyone on Gia's unofficial results:

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Naturally, "scouts" made sure and weight in on a kid who should be a first-round lock when the 2035 NFL Draft rolls around.

This coronavirus pandemic pressed pause on the NBA, NHL and MLB seasons, as well as the complete cancellation of all NCAA sports, including March Madness, but there's been no shortage of entertainment these past few days.

Only one question remains: Who is going to challenge Gia for the No. 1 overall pick?

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