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Dad Turns Gender Reveal Into His NFL Tryout Video

Gender reveal parties are getting out of control. One mom ripped a colored fart. This couple used a fire engine and colored water. Even Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz shot a gender reveal football out of the sky. The limit does not exist when it comes to gender reveal videos these days, but one dad decided to double up his baby reveal by finally submitting his official NFL tryout video.

Clad in shoulder pads, which were complete with a butterfly restrictor plate to protect his neck, this dad relives his touchdown-scoring glory days from behind a yellow helmet. On the dead run in his backyard, Dad makes no hesitation and goes full Terry Tate as he blows up a helpless tackling dummy, rolls into the flower bed, and flexes on Mom while covered in blue powder.

Did you see the movie Napoleon Dynamite? Remember Uncle Rico filming a mixtape of his QB skills out in small-town Idaho? This looks a lot like that, only it has some powder mixed in at the end.

Dad Tackles Dummy in Football Gender Reveal

The baby reveal video originally posted to Matt Albanese's private Instagram account was obtained by Barstool Sports.

You have probably seen dad's swing-and-miss in baseball-themed gender reveals. Maybe you've noticed the exploding golf balls that learn if it's a boy or girl. You've seen the gender reveal confetti cannons, colored cupcakes, and gender reveal balloons that fly away before it is even time.

But a high-speed backyard collision? Save the gender reveal decorations, party supplies, tutus and stickers, and just give me die-hard football guys like this every single time.

This dad has a baby boy on the way, and if his gender reveal was any indication, this kid's baby shower might as well be tailgating next college football season.

This post was originally published on December 27, 2019.

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