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HS Lineman's "Worm" Trick Play Somehow Worked Perfectly

We may never see this again.

Watching high school football can be trying and frustrating at times because the level of play is so different than conference by conference in college football.

However, sometimes you get a true gem like what Glynn Academy gave us when an offensive lineman did "The Worm" in the middle of a game. Why would he do this? Well, of course, to draw his opponent offsides on fourth-and-short.

Did it work? You bet.

HS Lineman's "Worm" Dance Draws Opponent Offsides

Glynn Academy's senior offensive lineman Joshua Anderson pulled off a boogie-rific trick play (if that's what you want to call it) that actually worked against Benedictine in Brunswick, Georgia.

According to USA Today High School Sports, the referee blew the whistle for encroachment on a Benedictine defensive lineman and Glynn Academy picked up five yards and the first down.

Although Anderson's "worm" needs some work before he hits the dance floor, we have to give props for pulling off this play on the gridiron.

This post was originally published on August 19, 2017, but this trick play is too glorious not to see again.

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