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11-Year-Old Pitcher Snags Line Drive Like a Boss


Line drives can be dangerous, especially when they're rifling toward your head.

Even some of MLB's best and most-experienced pitchers still don't boast the reaction times to get out of the way or catch these hot-shot, come-backers. It's not uncommon for pitchers to wear balls off their bodies (leaving ugly bruises) or attempt the rare barehanded catch (which looks unbelievable).

But let's be honest: the best thing one can do is use that freakin' glove.

An 11-year-old in Georgia has already figured that out, and he looked like a 10-year MLB veteran when he snagged a liner out of thin-air.


11-Year-Old Snags Line Drive With Ease

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Meet Brody "Buc" Cofield. He plays for the 11U Game On Stars in LaGrange, Georgia.

The left-hander doesn't just "play," though. He's a pitcher with some seriously gifted reflexes that will leave you wondering how he hasn't even turned 12.


In a video posted by @mjcofield on Twitter, Brody fired a heater to one of his opponents at the plate. The hitter drilled a frozen rope right back at him. Then, as if he'd done it a million times prior, Brody crouched down and reached up to grab the liner out of the air.

He easily took away a single from that unfortunate kid. And Brody acted like it was no big deal while teammates in the dugout and fans in the stands cheered him on.

When "Buc" isn't pitching, he's hitting home runs. He clobbered a clutch two-run bomb in the championship game of the Grand Slam Touch 'Em All Tourney in LaGrange last month.

This kid can really do it all. If that line drive snag and his power-hitting abilities are any indication, Brody "Buc" Cofield could be a star in the making. LaGrange is down the road from Atlanta, and I hear the Braves could use some pitching.


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