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Female Kicker Drills 42-Yard Field Goal With Ease

Female football players doing badass things is nothing new. Whether it's throwing touchdown passes or kicking long field goals, several ladies have done some serious damage on the gridiron over the years. Lawton High School kicker Caitlyn Cox is definitely one of them.

Back in 2014, when she was a junior, Cox made 30 extra-point attempts for the Wolverines football team leading up to the rivalry game moment against Lawton Eisenhower. She was obviously the best kicker on the team, and probably one of the best in all of Oklahoma.

Up until that night, Cox had only kicked extra points. She was waiting for a chance to finally kick a field goal. You better believe she delivered once it came.

Caitlyn Cox's 42-Yard Field Goal

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With the varsity high school football game out of reach in the second half, Caitlyn Cox got her shot to make some noise in the box score. All that was between her and glory was 42 yards and an upright. She made it look easy.

The snap was good. The hold was good. The kick was good. A big celebration ensued.

Lawton won the game, 72-27, but Cox was the star of the night.

"It was a real big thrill for us because she's such a great gal," Lawton head coach Randy Breeze told The Oklahoman. "The game was well in hand obviously, but we would have kicked a field goal there regardless of the situation. And she nailed it."

Cox joined a short list of female kickers with 40-plus-yard field goals, including Heidi Garrett, who booted a 48-yarder for King High in California back in 2004.

"We've got the world of confidence in her," Breeze added. "This is not a gimmick. This is the fact that she is best kicker we've got. She's turned herself into a pretty good kicker."

After the Eisenhower rout, Lawton made it to the Oklahoma 6A-II state championship game that football season before losing to Bixby.

There's no doubt placekicker Caitlyn Cox was a big part of that success and her 42-yard field goal helped add to her legend.

This post was originally published on September 10, 2020 but female field goals are always awesome.

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