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Meet the 285-Pound QB Taking the Internet By Storm

Howard Brown is not your typical high school quarterback. Not only does he have an electric arm, but he also weighs about 285 pounds.

His presence, as well as his speed and ability to lumber through opposing defenses, has taken social media by storm.

Howard Brown's Dominance 

Although Brown is a unique football player, he is not merely a gimmick: he is a legitimately good quarterback.

In his high school football career, he has thrown for over 6,000 yards and 82 touchdowns. He is also a threat on the defensive line, though he only took up that side of the ball recently.

Head coach Matt Lowe only put him on the defensive line for about 20 snaps per season, but that experience will be invaluable at the next level. Regardless, his versatility as a two-way player only boosts his stock when he leaps to the NCAA.

Brown plays for the Lincoln College Prep football team in Kansas City, Missouri. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some scheduling quirks, but, luckily, his team has been able to compete without much interruption and a great deal of success that will culminate in a championship appearance.

Last year, he only threw 17 TDs and only two interceptions and brought Lincoln College Prep to the playoffs, but they were knocked out before they could win a district title.

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In April, he committed to the Iowa State Cyclones to play college football, though he will be used as a defensive tackle instead. He also received offers from lesser-known programs, like the Northern Iowa Panthers and the Missouri State Bears.

Running back Breece Hall has been the highlight of Iowa State athletics this year in Ames, but this team has upward momentum and can make some noise in the Big 12 for years to come.

Brown is expected to be a great starter at the college level, and reaching the NFL one day is not a far-fetched idea. His style of play has been compared to Timmy Jernigan of Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars fame. That is high praise for someone who does not have much experience as a lineman.

Howard Brown's High School Highlights

With the arm strength and accuracy that Brown possesses, seemingly every deep ball thrown turns into a touchdown pass. ESPN should be all over this guy, especially since the novelty of his weight is not just a punchline; he uses it effectively and will be a force on a Division I football team's defensive line.

Howard Brown is unstoppable on the football field. Inevitably, he will be compared to the late Jared Lorenzen, who won a Super Bowl ring when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots.

With a shift to the defensive of the ball, Brown has the chance to prolong his career and become a dominant player for Iowa State. While we wait, we can sit back and enjoy his highlights as a quarterback.

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