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Adorable Little Leaguer Busts a Move Before His At-Bat


Little League is supposed to be fun.

It's about making friends, blowing bubble gum bubbles and eating sunflower seeds regardless of what the scoreboard reads. It's where girls like Mo'ne Davis can shine, young kids can imitate their idol umpires and 4-year-olds can turn "quadruple" plays.

The baseball diamond is where kids can be their goofy, unfiltered selves while learning the rules of America's Pastime. If little Jimmy wants to bust a move before his at-bat, what sort of coach or parent would be the bad guy and stop him?

One youth baseball player in Alabama decided to break out in dance before hitting a single. For whatever reason, locals weren't happy about it.


Little Leaguer Dances Before His At-Bat

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This clip of an adorable dancing little leaguer was shared by Bethany Davis of WSFA 12 News in Montgomery, Alabama. That's her son, Hudson Davis, who steps into the batter's box.

Just before he's set to smash one of coach's pitches, his walk-up song ("Last Forever" by Ayo & Teo) plays and he can't help but get his jiggy on. I'm not even sure what moves those were (maybe it's a TikTok thing) but he ends his routine with a spinning top/helicopter propeller move and the parents eat it up.

The music stops and it's time for business.


Hudson takes a couple pitches (which were pretty darn fast, I'd say) before ripping a RBI single up the middle. Cheers ring down from the stands. He doesn't dance on first base. No big deal, right?

Well, Bethany posted the clip to her Facebook profile. Many people weren't happy with the little boy's dance fever antics. Here's what some of the comments looked like:

"Should have ear holed him. Nothing cute about the 'all about me' in sports these days. They learn young. For better or worse," Josh Blackard responded.

"Do that at 16 years and older and you will get one in the ear hole. Get it out of your system now young man," John Ryan McAllister said.


"Fastball to the ribcage. Now do your dance when it hurts to breathe," Jeremy Lomax chimed in.

Seriously. These comments are real:

Screenshot from Facebook

Uh, HELLO? This is freakin' coach pitch. The score doesn't matter. The games don't mean a thing. If a kid wants to do a 10-second dance, who cares? I didn't realize some parents are anti-fun. It's not like we've got MLB scouts at these games evaluating their characters.

I get that baseball should be taken seriously at the high school level and above. But this should not be.


Keep dancing your heart out, Hudson. Baseball should be fun and that dance certainly looked like a blast.

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