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4-Year-Old's Unassisted "Quadruple Play" is Adorably Hilarious

The five-tools of baseball are simple:

  1. Running
  2. Throwing
  3. Hitting
  4. Hitting for power
  5. Fielding

I would argue there's a sixth. It's a tool reserved for the rarest of players and highlight segments on MLB Network.

Solo quadruple-play.

Mai'Syon Sims Quadruple Play

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Four-year-old Mai'Syon Sims is a can't miss prospect. He has that sixth tool.

In a tot ball game in Chattooga, Georgia, Sims put his one-of-a-kind skill on display.

Sims fielded the ball and made the heads up force out at home plate. The batter made a quick pit stop a few foot from the pitcher's mound on his way to first.

(In fairness, there was a neat bug nestling in the dirt there.)

The batter got bored with the bug and decided first base sounded pretty cool and beelined there with the guidance of a coach. Sims wasn't having it, though. He tagged the batter for the second out.

Sims zeroes in on the third out rounding third. He sprints over there and tags him midway down the baseline.

The rules of baseball state that there are only three outs in an inning but by now, Sims is in the zone. He asserts the triple-threat position and scopes for his next victim. He wants the extra out for his stats and the extra juicebox that goes to the player of the game.

He locks in on his target rounding second base to make the illustrious fourth out. He knew what the crowd wanted and delivered.

The top comment on Facebook rips the play for being selfish and teaching kids not to trust your teammates. Let's remember this is the sport where two guys spend a majority of the game playing catch. Some might say that pitchers and catchers are the most selfish players in sports.

I would argue that Mai'Syon is one of the most unselfish players in sports. If he wants to do all the work so the other kids can get to the dugout faster to eat gummy worms, he's a legend.

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