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Middle Schooler Blasts HR, Does "Running Man" Dance Celebration

Home run, bat flip AND running man? Epic.

If opposing teams didn't dislike this kid before, they surely do now.

For all the talk of the sanctity of the game and playing baseball the right way, we here at FanBuzz are fans of bat flips and having a bit of fun.

This kid certainly had his fair share of fun on the diamond, blasting a home run, tossing his bat in the air and pointing to the crowd before hitting the running man dance.

Middle Schooler's "Running Man" HR Celebration

Our 8th grade hero's name is Logan Hall. He was playing for the Columbia Reach BBC in Kennewick, Washington, when he gifted us this terrific celebration.

One bit of advice, Logan: The next time you come up to bat, duck!

This post was originally published on May 23, 2016, but it remains an awesome celebration.

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