Punter Fumbles Snap in Rain, Ends Up Destroying Poor Defender
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There?s nothing quite like watching a football game in the rain. The players are a muddy mess and, for whatever reason, parents seem to get even more intense. Things can get wild and this next viral video is the latest example.

It?s hard telling when this happened, where it happened, or why it happened. All anyone knows is that it did, and, thanks to social media once again, something magical took place that will likely make fans everywhere watch on repeat for a little while.

The rainy weather created the perfect scenario where a punter took a botched snap, turned it into a big play, and finished it by trucking over a helpless defender.

Punter Trucks Over Defender After Fumble

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Maybe it?s the rain. Maybe it?s the terrible field conditions. Maybe it?s the hit. Perhaps it?s all of those things. Regardless, this is truly epic.

At first, the punter appears to field the snap cleanly. Then, all hell breaks loose.

As the punter gathers to boot it away in the rain, the ball slips out of his hands and fumbles on to the ground. He immediately picks it up, breaks a few tackles at the line of scrimmage and takes off down the field.

Running in the open field, a poor defender, who looks much smaller than the behemoth punter, tries to make a tackle. He didn?t get low to make the hit, however, and the special teams star mowed him over like it was nothing and gained another 10 yards or so before getting hit out of bounds.

The crowd was going crazy the entire time, but there was a different level of noise when he trucked over the defender. No matter what happened in that game before or after, this is the perfect highlight.


Football is officially back, and plays like this get fans excited for the other craziness to come.

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