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Randy Moss Going Crazy Over Mind-Blowing Magic Trick is Priceless

Randy Moss is a living legend. There is no better way to put it. The Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver is one of the best to ever step on the gridiron and has one of this generation's best personalities. Watching him on ESPN during Monday Night Football is a gift that keeps on giving.

On a cold, rainy December night, the MNF game itself wasn't much to write home about. Sure, the Philadelphia Eagles found a way to escape the New York Giants in overtime, but the NFC East is not exactly a fun product this year.

So in order to spice things up a bit for a lackluster NFL showdown, ESPN brought former Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos to the set. What came next was a magic trick that put a huge smile on Moss' face.

You have to see it to believe it.

Jon Dorenbos Magic Trick With Randy Moss

The long snapper's magic trick was flawless and definitely made for primetime. And Moss, who played for teams like the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots, was in complete shock.

Here's how it went down:

— Jon Dorenbos runs his finger through the deck of cards until Randy Moss says stop.

— Randy Moss then selects the card (2 of Hearts) and shows it to the panel and camera.

— Jon Dorenbos puts the card back into the deck and throws the cards into the air.

— Randy Moss catches a card, but it isn't the 2 of Hearts.

— Jon Dorenbos and Randy Moss then check under the football on the desk. Still no card.

— Jon Dorenbos then cuts open the football and the 2 of Hearts appears.

— Randy Moss loses his mind.

"Bro, that was lovely," Moss shouted to Dorebos.

Although the game wasn't very exciting, watching Moss have a complete blast on live television was a treat.

Now, how in the world did Dorenbos do that?

This post was originally published on December 10, 2019 but Randy's reaction will never get old.

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