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Dirty Softball Player Elbows Runner, Shows Zero Remorse

Softball can be a cutthroat sport just like tackle football, baseball or hockey. Sure, you won't find quite the aggressiveness on the diamond that you would on the gridiron, but some of these girls get pissed and let out their anger.

It's unfortunate when winning is valued more than sportsmanship in softball. It happens, though. This dirty catcher caught flak for elbowing not one but two runners at home plate. One girl toed the circle and intentionally drilled the home plate umpire with a pitch. How in the world are parents and coaches letting these girls get away with that?

At the high school level, the stakes are higher. Girls will do what it takes to win games, even if it means leveling a runner and preventing her from scoring.

Softball Fielder Elbows Runner

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The Islands High School and Columbus High School softball teams were squaring off in a game in October, 2020, in Georgia when a moment of bad sportsmanship took place. Focus your attention on the third baseman in the field for Columbus.

The runner on first steals second and makes her way toward third on an errant throw from the catcher. The third base coach waves his arms motioning for the runner to go home just before the third baseman makes contact with the runner.

The base runner immediately falls to the ground and doesn't score because of it. Parents then lose their minds in the stands.

"She tripped her!" one yells out.

"That was dirty!" another parents adds.

After the umpires converge, the third baseman stays in the game. Islands High looks like it gets the last laugh, because they scored on a fly ball two batters later. The umpire ruled that the runner left third base early, however. Coaches then expressed their frustrations.

In my opinion, that hit was dirty. It seems obvious that she extended her arm out. There's no way she trips that hard over her feet. If the umpires saw what happened, they should have considered tossing the girl out of the game.

Regardless, this was definitely a heated inning. Most should be able to agree that third baseman was in the wrong.

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