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HS Punter Catches His Own Punt for Accidental Trick Play

There's a reason the special teams unit is called special. At any given moment during a punt, kickoff or field goal, these players could break out some ridiculous trick play that the defense never saw coming.

This high school onside kick ricocheted off a defender's helmet for the easiest recovery of all time. The 86-yard punt at one prep school rolled more than your grandma's homemade cinnamon rolls. Even arguably the greatest play in college football history, Cal's "The Play" in which the band spilled on to the field, took place on a squib kick.

One play I can guarantee you've never see before is the self punt trick play. Why? Because no one would be bold enough to punt the ball to himself, unless your name is Will Hicks.

HS Punter Catches Own Punt

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Will Hicks dropped back to punt a ball like probably has 100 times for C.E. King High School in Houston, Texas. As he kicked it, the ball went straight up and came back down into his hands.

The best part is after he fields it, he has no clue what to do. Once he realizes his coach is on the sidelines screaming at him to run forward while everyone else stands around in confusion, he bolts for an easy first down. In fact, he nearly goes the distance to the end zone.

Yeah, I don't what else to say about this one. My man became a punter and a returner all on the same play. I'd love to see Johnny Hekker or any other NFL punter pull this one off.

Something tells me this wouldn't fly in the NFL, but you never really know. If the Dallas Cowboys can pull off a fake hamstring injury punt return and desperately need to score points this season, I think they should break this one out.

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