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Umpire Breaks Out "Floss" Dance During Hilarious Strikeout Call


Let's face it, baseball isn't the most exciting sport on Earth.

The games are long, the at-bats are longer, the meetings on the mound move as slow as sloths. That isn't to dog on the most exciting play in baseball, the walk, but it's fair to say the game could be spiced up every once in a while.

Leave it to one dancing umpire to add some flavor to America's pastime.


Umpire's "Floss" Dance During Strikeout Call

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We're live from a youth baseball game. The pitcher zips it past the batter, who watches it go by even though he's down two strikes.

Big mistake.

Not only is the batter out, but he's about to witness the hardest "floss" of all time on his way back to the dugout.


The ump bellows out the third strike, takes off his mask, starts "flossing" (yes, that's what the dance is called) while the crowd cheers him on and delivers the most emphatic strikeout call you've ever heard.

The whole sequence lasted 10 seconds, but the dance feels like it took an eternity. Seriously. Imagine you're the batter and you see the umpire engage in a one-man dance off as you hang your head in shame. Just brutal.

Instagram user "elampaya" is the man behind the dance. The video caught the attention of several baseball-related accounts and went viral. It appears this isn't his first rodeo, either. Elampaya has several other videos where he pulls off theatrics before making a call. It appears to be his shtick. On one hand, the defensive team probably loves it. I wouldn't doubt if other players are dancing along with him.

On the other, the baseball player who's the victim has to hate it. It's adding insult to injury. From the umpire for crying out loud.


Either way, I'm glad someone is having fun out there.

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