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Mets Home Run Gets Scooped Up By Good Boy Who Becomes Viral Hit

As a new dog owner, I quickly learned there is a never a bad time to play fetch. New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor helped provide an example of that during Tuesday's Bark in the Park Night at Citi Field.

In the bottom of the first inning in the penultimate game of the season against the Washington Nationals, the four-time All-Star smoked a pitch into the upper deck of right field, where a very good boy retrieved it.

Golden Retriever Comes Up With Lindor's Home Run Ball

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The dog who ended up with the ball was Renegade, a golden retriever. Renegade was in town from Florida visiting his brother Doak, whose owner Chris Howland is dating the daughter of Renegade's owner. Howland recalled the moment for

"Lindor hits the home run. I see it coming and I guess my dad instincts took over," Howland said. "It was literally going right for the dogs. I don't need them taking a 110 mile an hour baseball in the stomach. So, I reached over my girlfriend, it hit off my finger, hit off the seat and landed on the ground. We're scrambling for it. I came up with it and I gave it to the dog."

OK, Chris, let me tell you how it works. You give the ball to a kid, and the kid gives the ball to the dog. Don't be the prick who stole an opportunity from a youngster.

Regardless, the ball ended up with Renegade, and he became a viral star.

The world loves Renegade and Doak. How could you not? So, I propose an idea: Have dogs shag balls for the MLB Home Run Derby.

Of course, there would need to be safety precautions, but who wouldn't love to see dogs having the times of their lives in the outfield? We talk about baseball declining as a sport. Well, a way to spice it up is to have a baseball-centric event where the baseball isn't the focus at all. Your move, Mr. Manfred.

Anyway, maybe we can find it in our hearts to forgive Howland someday, but Renegade deserves a nice boop.

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