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Ball Girl Tackles Fan Who Ran Onto Field, Becomes a Viral Sensation

A fan at the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels game thought he was in the clear.

You see, the guy had risked it all by running onto the field at Dodger Stadium. He was running as fast as he ever had and evaded at least seven security guards to the point where he was a fence and a ball girl away from getting out of there unscathed.

Fans who had chosen to stay in their seats instead of rush the field were eager to see what would happen. Could this guy actually do it? Could he actually make the entire Dodgers security team look like a bunch of scrubs?

The answer was an emphatic "no" thanks to the right field ball girl.

Dodgers Ball Girl Tackles Fan Who Ran Onto Field

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The fan makes his way to right field after making a poor diving security guard miss. At this point he kicks it into high gear. He build a five-yard cushion between the pack of security with only the ball girl to beat.

He relishes the opportunity.

He slows down to shimmy past her but she isn't falling for it. No, she stretches out to take him down. She slows his stride and he whips over the fence with the force of rocket ship. The security team apprehends the guy.

Here are some more angles:

The ball girl did what the security guards couldn't do. She kept her feet square. She drove with her legs and she finished the play.

Get Sean McVay on the phone immediately and tell him to sign her at linebacker. While we're at it, tell him to sign the fan at running back, too. I have never seen a dude make a security crew look so silly.

There's the age-old question of what happens when a fan who runs on the field only has to get past the ball girl. We finally have our answer.

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