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Drunk Wife Stabs Husband for Watching Too Much Baseball, Allegedly


Oftentimes in sports, fans take things too far. Whether it's a tailgate brawl, throwing beers on players, or even embarrassing your kids on the jumbotron, there really is no limit to what people might do. There's also a group that gets annoyed by those who will watch their team no matter what. This next story definitely fits the second category when a man named Bobby called from a local hospital after his wife allegedly stabbed him.

Bobby from Fairfax, Virginia was sitting at home, watching the Washington Nationals play on television when his wife of 38 years left to go out on the town. But when she returned, and Bobby was still watching his beloved Nats, it set her off and down a violent path.

Apparently, the wife had too many drinks at a local Applebee's, screamed at Bobby, grabbed a butcher's knife and stabbed him. That's at least how he describes the incident on The Sports Junkies, which was reported by 106.7 The Fan.

Seriously, this supposedly happened. Listen to the call below.


The Nationals are in a tight MLB playoff race to get in the NL Wild Card. Until the end of September, every game matters. Bobby understands that. The wife, apparently, hates it.

Here is an excerpt from the call, via 106.7 The Fan.

"I was watching the Nats game and she came home from one of the local area bars, Applebee's, intoxicated," Bobby said. "And she proceeded to start screaming at me, and then it erupted into me getting stabbed with a butcher knife."

Asked what provoked his wife to stab him, Bobby answered, "Because she said I watch too much Nats. That's all I do is watch baseball."

In a nutshell, Bobby watches too much baseball, so his wife brought out a butcher knife.

Bobby said his wife stabbed him in the left forearm, which needed 13 stitches to stop the bleeding. The radio station confirmed the call from a hospital, but Fairfax County Police did not confirm it or if an arrest had been made.


And if you want to know the kicker to the entire story, the married couple was supposedly engaged in divorce proceedings before the alleged incident.

Does anyone want to take a guess as to why? Or if this whole story is even true?

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