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Parents Swarm Youth Football Ref, Then Start Fighting Each Other

When it comes to youth sports, parents are supposed to be the biggest cheerleaders. They are responsible for setting a good example and being role models for their kids. However, that isn't always the case, and a fight at a youth football game near Seattle, Washington proves that once again.

What started as a good game between the Federal Way Titans and Orting Junior Cardinals took a major turn for the worse. Actually, it was pure insanity.

A group of parents got onto the field and started chasing the referee. The ref escaped without harm, thankfully, but then the group started fighting and throwing punches at each other.

You have to see the video from Q13 News  and KIRO 7 to believe it.

Parents Chase Youth Football Referee

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According to the referee, who chose not to release his face or name, it all started in the third quarter of a regular Saturday game. He was going over a call with the head coaches, then the parents surrounded him on the field.

Mind you, this was a middle school football game. This should have been a game celebrating touchdowns and giving high-fives to the football players. Instead, it turned into absolute chaos.

The Nisqually Junior Football League released a long statement on the issue, including announcing the suspension of the Titans program:

"Over the past 11 seasons, the Nisqually Junior Football League has been a league that has taken steps to provide a fun and safe environment for kids to participate in youth football and cheer. Safety is and has always been, a top priority! The NJFL has: adopted tackling and football safety standards; required all coaches and board member volunteers in all organizations to clear background checks in order to participate; and worked with hosting teams to assign a Field Marshal to oversee games. In addition, the league has: adopted an anti-violence policy to help ensure the safety of all league participants; has taken many precautions to ensure the wellness and safety of all youth with respect to people volunteering; and lastly, has a no tolerance policy on violence towards officials.

"After seeking input from the teams, the local officials association overseeing games that day, and the Orting Police Department, the NJFL is asking for the public's help in identifying the woman and two male adults involved in an assault on an official. If you have information as to the identity of these individuals involved, you are encouraged to contact the Orting Police Department's Officer Hattaway at [email protected].

"Due to the NJFL's Anti-Violence and No Tolerance Policy, and as a result of the extremely rare event that occurred on Saturday evening, effective immediately, the NJFL has suspended the Federal Way Titans organization pending further investigation.

"The NJFL is deeply saddened and embarrassed at the events that took place Saturday. It is occurring more frequently in youth sports communities and this is simply unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.

"The NJFL supports and endorses both of the local youth football officials associations. They should never be in harm's way to referee a game. We love what they do, we value the relationship we have built with them and at the end of the day, they should NEVER fear for their safety. Without them...there is NO youth football!

"The NJFL appreciates the show of support from our organizations, and from several teams in other local youth football leagues. We appreciate all who have reached out to support us and the football officials. As board members, coaches and volunteers, despite some differing opinions on philosophies, styles, processes, strategies, inter-league play, etc., we are all part of the youth football and cheer family and we are all aiming to accomplish the same thing...making the world a better place, doing things the right way and teaching, nurturing, and developing kids through football and cheer. "


NJFL Board of Directors

What's wild is this could have been a whole lot worse. It's just unfortunate these things continue to happen.

This article was originally published November 14, 2019.

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