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This Knicks Fan Couldn’t See, So He Took Matters Into His Own Hands

If you love the New York Knicks, this hasn't exactly been a very fun season. Then again, that's what happens with your superstar player hurt, a very young roster, and a new head coach. There are so many growing pains that one fan even hit a half-court shot before the Knicks made a field goal in the season opener.

Outside of probably Spike Lee, the most famous fan of all, New Yorkers are likely getting a little restless inside Madison Square Garden. They want to win again, and they want it right now. But there's also one fan who just wanted to see the game against the Brooklyn Nets from his incredible seat on Saturday night.

After Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr. threw the ball in bounds in front of the Nets' bench, play resumed so the fan could see the action from one of the best seats in the house at basketball's mecca. The only problem was he couldn't see very well with one of Brooklyn's assistant coaches standing up.

So, in classic New York fashion, the fan tugged on the coach's sport coat to tell him to sit down.

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First and foremost, both teams are equally bad right now and there's probably more people who would rather not waste their time watching than those who care. Nevertheless, NBA games are still amazing to go to, and when you pay that kind of money to sit inside MSG, you better be able to see the game.

But to tug on the jacket of anyone involved in the game? That's about as bold as it gets.

Of course, and rightfully so, the coach turned around in disgust and the security guard gave a stern warning to never touch him again.

The NBA fan didn't even get to see the Enes Kanter bucket on that possession and the Nets won 112-104.

If only a camera was on this guy the entire game...

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