LeBron James

WATCH: LeBron James Shows He’s More Than an Athlete With This Proud Dad Moment

Time and time again, LeBron James proves he is "More Than an Athlete." Sure, he completely dominates on the NBA hardwood for the Los Angeles Lakers these days, but he continues to impress off the floor just as much as he does on it. The phrase on the t-shirt or hoodie he wears is truly a lifestyle.

Whether it's opening his I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio or simply being a dad, the 14-time NBA All-Star, four-time NBA MVP and three-time NBA champion for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat is all about being the best man and role model he can be.


The latest example is just more proof of that. After his youngest son Bryce didn't have the greatest game in a come-from-behind victory, LeBron James pulled him aside to give a pep talk that every basketball player should listen to.

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In the very moment Bryce was down, his superstar dad was there to pick him up, much like he has been to his oldest son, LeBron James Jr., before and since his family moved to California.

"You made three of the biggest plays of the game. Do you want me to tell you what they were? You get too down on yourself for no reason. You made three of the biggest plays of the game. You got the offensive rebound. Down four, you got the offensive rebound and got the tip-in, right? And then you had the outlet pass to Owen when he got the and-one. And then you made the last swing [pass] to him for the game winner. If you're missing shots or making shots, don't worry about it, kid. You played a helluva game. You ain't got to worry about making shots or missing shots. Alright? Good job. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you, man!" — LeBron James

That's what being "More Than an Athlete" and a proud basketball dad of LeBron James Jr. (Bronny) and Bryce Maximus James, husband to Savannah James, and father to Zhuri James is all about.

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