The worst kept secret prior to the 2017 NBA Draft was that Markelle Fultz would be the No. 1 overall pick. The Philadelphia 76ers paid handsomely in a trade with the Boston Celtics with the goal of taking a franchise player and Fultz is the best bet to achieve that in this class.

With that said, Fultz had plenty of time to prepare himself for life in Philadelphia, all the way up until his name was announced. Unfortunately, he did not prepare well enough from a social media perspective, as Fultz made an error on Instagram.

As you can see above, Fultz failed to edit what appears to be a pre-scheduled tweet that included a blank city and team name in place of the Philadelphia 76ers. In the grand scheme, this is a harmless oversight. In the same breath, it isn’t the best look for Fultz and everyone around him.

A mess-up like this isn’t going to be a big deal in terms of endearing himself to the fan base, but Fultz could have probably helped his own cause by reaching out to the 76ers fan base. Fortunately, that group trusts the process and Fultz might be part of the long-term answer that Philadelphia is looking for on the court.

Social media post for No. 1 NBA Draft pick Markelle Fultz is going viral for all the wrong reasons Mike Stobe/Getty Images
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