Adam Silver

The NBA's New Smart Jerseys Will Completely Blow Your Mind

For those who despise technology, and believe it's ruining our society, this story and probably the future are not for you. The Alliance of American Football's balls are basically computers these days, and now the NBA is taking technology to a completely different level.

At the annual All-Star Technology Summit, which opens the NBA All-Star Game weekend, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made host Ahmad Rashad and the crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina gasp when he unveiled the "smart jersey of the future."

In plainest terms, you will be able to change the name and number of your Nike jersey from your phone, and it's incredible.

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There was an app on Silver's iPhone that allowed him to change the number and name on the back of an NBA jersey. He first flipped it from a Kemba Walker jersey to a Stephen Curry model on the side of the stage.

Then, Rashad, wearing a throwback red Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan jersey, asked if he could change it to His Airness. But although the technology doesn't switch the jersey color just yet, Silver was able to change Curry's No. 30 jersey to a Jordan model.

"That is so cool," Rashad said. "That is so cool, man. Wow. I need one of them."

The annual tech summit draws hundreds of top league executives, according The Associated Press. They discuss things like sports betting, disruptive technology, the relationship between athletes and technology and new ways to attract fans.

When Silver addressed the crowd to open the All-Star Star Technology Summit, which is in its 20th year, there's no doubt he started it with one of the coolest bangs you will ever see.

This is what the NBA fan experience might look like in 2038, and we should all be excited.

Imagine watching a game with your buddies and you are wearing the jersey of your favorite NBA player. However, one of his teammates hits the game-winning shot. After you get done with the immediate celebration, you can instantly change the name and number to that game's hero.

So just when you thought the NikeConnect jerseys were really cool, get ready for a customizable fan experience that completely changes the game.

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