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LeSean McCoy’s week keeps getting worse. With the initial Instagram post accusing McCoy of assault, animal cruelty, and PED use, the Buffalo Bills running back’s personal life was put on display for the sports world.

The following day, the attorneys representing Shady’s ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, released a statement detailing McCoy and Cordon’s strained relationship, which included accusations that McCoy had threatened to rob Cordon to get back jewelry he had previously given to her.

This latest piece of information brings all the accusations back around with a very human perspective. TMZ came into possession of the 911 call made by Cordon to police earlier this week following the home invasion:

Cordon describes the incident in detail with the dispatcher, following the single individual breaking in and demanding specific jewelry from her. Cordon eludes to the fact that she believed her ex-boyfriend – referring to LeSean McCoy – is somehow behind the attack. During the call, Cordon says she felt like McCoy “set me up” and will be able to see everything on the home’s security cameras.

There is one quote that stands out above the rest: “My face is demolished.”

The six-time NFL Pro Bowl running back hired a high-profile attorney to defend him the case. The strained relationship between McCoy and Cordon has lasted for quite some time, as McCoy tried on multiple occasions to have her evicted from the shared home in Milton, Georgia.

McCoy, who turned 30 years old yesterday, is typically an active social media user, both on his Twitter and Instagram. Since sending out a screenshot response to the accusations early this week, McCoy has gone dark on all his social media accounts.

The NFL and Buffalo Bills are reviewing the case, but have not yet made a determination on the case or LeSean McCoy’s future with the team.

It’s not quite the birthday week Shady had in mind.

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