LeSean McCoy accused of assault
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LeSean McCoy Accused of Assault, Animal Cruelty, PED Usage

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is facing allegations of assaulting his girlfriend and son, animal cruelty, and using performance enhancing drugs in an Instagram post. A shocking image of McCoy's apparent girlfriend with bruises and blood on her face surfaced Tuesday morning on Instagram.

In the post, @miamor_i_adore, a friend of "Shady's" apparent girlfriend, Delicia, accuses the 29-year-old NFL player of a multitude of crimes, the most recent of which appears to be domestic assault. Here is the full text attached to the Instagram photo, which is included below.

Editor's Note: As of July 10, 2018 at 2:04 p.m., the Instagram post was removed.

miamor_i_adore - @shadymccoy is THE DEVIL!!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!!!!!! We didn't say anything about how you beat your dog "Henny" into kidney failure. Let's not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from VICIOUSLY beating your son for small things like peeing in the bed. We kept quiet about your drug usage ... all the ILLEGAL steroids and needles you were using, but we will not keep quiet about this!!!!!! I can't believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!! This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!! #WomanBeater #AnimalAbuser #ChildAbuser @nfl @tmz_tv @buffalobills

Shortly after the photo became viral, McCoy published this short statement to his Instagram account:



McCoy enters his 10th NFL season in 2018. He ran for 1,138 yards and six touchdowns in 2017 on his way to fifth-straight Pro Bowl selection. The Harrisburg, Penn., native played his high school football at Bishop McDevitt before playing his college football at the University of Pittsburgh.

Shady was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft; he'll turn 30-years-old later this week.

McCoy has never been disciplined for any of the claims listed in the Instagram post. In 2013, a woman sued McCoy for $50,000 following alleged misconduct towards her on a party bus. No formal charges were ever filed.

The claims have yet to be addressed by the Buffalo organization. Expect this to hang over the heads of McCoy, and the Bills organization, until the proper processes are undertaken.

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