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Aaron Rodgers' Net Worth Proves He Could Retire Today

American football quarterback Aaron Rodgers is a surprising figure for sports drama to follow. His father made him a humble and hard-working Northern California native, raising Rodgers all over the West Coast. Rodgers kept his head down for most of his career, but lately, he seems to be coming out of his shell.

Rodgers has endured high-profile relationships, a public family feud and most recently, public disputes. All this while putting together some of the most incredible quarterback statistics the NFL has ever seen. Rodgers is still on top of his game, even if he is getting older.

Age makes Rodgers better, further cementing his place in NFL history. What is the NFL player's net worth in 2021, and how does he put up such huge numbers?

Early Life

Aaron Charles Rodgers is an '80s child from Chico, California. His parents Darla and Edward had three sons: Luke Rodgers (the oldest), Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Rodgers (the youngest).

Ed Rodgers was a former college lineman for the Chico State Wildcats. Having seen the difficulty of college-level athletics, Rodgers prepared his sons for high-level play from an early age. Aaron credited much of his work ethic and success to his father much later in 2005. Aaron and his brother Jordan were athletes in multiple sports at Pleasant Valley High School. Jordan played quarterback at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

Young Aaron Rodgers hoped to join Bobby Bowden with the Florida State Seminoles. But when the 'Noles showed no interest, Rodgers settled for the next best thing: Butte Community College in Oroville, California.

Rodgers led Butte to beauty with a 10-1 record and still holds the school record for most touchdowns thrown in a single game (6). The University of California, Berkley head coach noticed Rodgers and offered the NorCal QB a scholarship. Rodgers was a California Golden Bear by 2003 and led the pack to an 8-6 season capped off by an Insight Bowl victory over Virginia Tech.

Rodgers was conducting a Golden Bears win over their rival USC Trojans when he suffered an injury that cut his game and season short. He returned in 2004 and led Cal to a 10-1 regular-season record. They lost the Holiday Bowl to Texas Tech. Still, Rodgers finished ninth in Heisman voting with his ridiculous touchdown-to-interception ratio. The California Kid was sure he would go high in the 2005 NFL Draft.

NFL Career


It was a fairy tale. With the first overall pick in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected none other than NorCal's prodigal son, quarterback and future great ... Alex Smith?

Aaron Rodgers was heartbroken. He thought himself a shoo-in for his hometown team, but instead the Green Bay Packers took him 24th overall.

In Wisconsin, Green Bay asked Aaron Rodgers to do the near-impossible: follow All-Time Great Brett Favre.

Rodgers rode the bench until the 2008 NFL season. But by 2009, he made his first Pro Bowl. By 2011, Rodgers breezed through the playoffs and won Super Bowl XLV over Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Writers named Rodgers the Super Bowl MVP, and he instantly became a household name. Despite his vaulted ceiling, Super Bowl XLV remains Aaron's only Lombardi Trophy. But he does have other trophies. His trophy case is overflowing, in fact.

Rodgers was named to nine Pro Bowls, three All-Pro honors and one All-2010s Team. The future Hall of Fame member has incredible longevity and won his third NFL MVP award in 2020 at 37 years old.

The Packers fired Mike McCarthy to hire Matt LaFleur and dropped Jordy Nelson to bring in Davante Adams, but they never once thought about trading Aaron. They are perennial contenders in the NFC, though they haven't reached the Super Bowl since 2010.

Through it all, Rodgers has thrown touchdown passes at a historic rate and is routinely mentioned as one of the living legends of the game like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The Packers would be crazy to let him go.

And yet, this last year, letting Aaron pack up might've been exactly what the Packers need to do. After a decade of superhuman play without a championship, Rodgers was reportedly unhappy with the Packers front office this past offseason. Rumors swirled when A-Rod balked at the decision to draft Jordan Love, and sports programs from ESPN to CBS Sports had a field day with speculation.

Aaron Rodgers is still the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 2021.

Rodgers has spent his entire National Football League career with Green Bay, but his love life is less steady. His relationships with his parents and siblings aren't smooth, either.

Dating History and Family

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Aaron Rodgers is currently engaged to Malibu-based actress Shailene Woodley of "Big Little Lies", "Divergent", "The Fault in Our Stars" and "The Descendants." Still, their wedding date is under tight wraps.

Rodgers has a thing for high-profile girlfriends. Before dating Woodley, he dated NASCAR racing star Danica Patrick and actress Olivia Munn (not simultaneously). The quarterback's A-list lifestyle has ostensibly caused a rift with his family.

A 2017 New York Times interview revealed deep divisions within the Rodgers family huddle. Aaron Rodgers remains estranged from his family in 2021, and his father Ed claims fame changed the starting quarterback. In speaking to People, Jordan Rodgers confirmed the family rift has been challenging.

The exact source of the dispute remains unclear, leaving room to speculate that it comes down to religious differences. Jordan reportedly invited Aaron to his wedding, but the football player didn't show. Jordan met his wife on the TV show The Bachelorette. His brother Aaron has spent much of his career on television.

"A. A. Ron" is never afraid to poke fun of himself. It takes a brave soul to stand in an NFL pocket but an even more courageous spirit to subject yourself to the ribbing on Celebrity Jeopardy!

Aaron Rodgers has done both with style. Rodgers also hosted Jeopardy! as a guest host after Alex Trebek passed away in 2020. The Green Bay quarterback was a calm and collected host, ranking high amongst a competitive pool of replacements. Jeopardy! may offer the Green Bay Packers quarterback a contract extension, depending on what happens in Wisconsin this year.

Rodgers also has IMDB credits on some of the most influential television programs of the last 20 years, including Game of Thrones, The Office and The Conners. Those royalty checks will only add to the star's celebrity net worth.

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth

Aaron Rodgers, three-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, Super Bowl Champion and part-time Jeopardy! host is a man who can afford to laugh.

Having made over $263 million as an NFL quarterback, he's one of the highest-paid players in the game. His four-year contract extension signed in 2018 averages $33.5 million per year, plus a $57.5 million signing bonus. But Rodgers has diversified his income streams.

He has a successful commercial career, a backup gig that you might call insurance.

A-Rod's touchdown celebrations have made sponsors swarm. Mr. Discount Double Check has endorsement deals with State Farm Insurance, Adidas, Sharpie, IZOD, Bose, Prevea Healthcare and Pizza Hut. A-Rod is an amateur venture capitalist and a has an ownership stake (as a limited partner) of the NBA franchise Milwaukee Bucks.


Rodgers also owns a restaurant named Hom Wood Fired Grill in Brookfield, WI. The bar was once co-owned by Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun, who called it 8 Twelve MVP Bar & Grill. Braun and Rodgers ended their business partnership after Braun was involved in a performance-enhancing drugs (PED) scandal.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Aaron Rodgers is worth an estimated $120 million. That's even higher than his passer rating. His bank account is legendary no matter where his future takes him. He may be nearing the fearsome forties and Patrick Mahomes may be the league's most gnarly gunslinger now, but the reigning Most Valuable Player is still redefining MVP.

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